peace by piece

Just your average kid from Nova Scotia who fell into hiphop, then quit hiphop and started a program for forgiving hiphop.

who needs the devil when you can self destruct

—this just needed to be repeated.

If you know how to worry you know how to meditate.

-tara, 5am

I love my early morning meditation/ journal writing time.


Everything was all bad just a week ago.

man oh man… this is real. all the men in my life need to hear this.

who needs the devil when you can self destruct

Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive.

I run the F-YOU project and speak all the time on forgiveness, even getting in some serious street dudes faces about it, and I do it with confidence. When others actually take in what I say about forgiving, it opens an amaaaazing conversation. I’m really proud of that message.

HOWEVER, the universe needed to show me what was really up. These last three months, I’ve been dealing with betrayal and selfishness in stacks. I’ve had things done against me that I still can’t believe. So now, more than ever, I am a living testimony of forgiveness because I am so happy and at peace in this moment. I’ve compiled my tips and what I’ve learned along the way:

1- forgiveness is for NO ONE but yourself. The other person doesn’t even need to know you have forgiven them, its for your peace of mind only.
2- once you’ve forgiven, do not look back. Do not question your decision or bring it up in an argument.
3- if you believe in a god, give it to her/him. The world has an incredible way of aligning our lives to expose truth, trust in that power.
4- know that forgiving is not approving the action done against you. Rather, it is accepting that there was a circumstance or condition that took place for a person to wrong you. Forgiveness is not approval, its a wisdom.


The dead things in our lives are killing us. We’ve never been what we could have been because we’re so focused on what we lost over what we have. This means a bad day, a break up, a death, hurt.. Its all gone.

All that you need is all that you have left. Once we realize that, the ache of depression and bitterness is lifted.

I wonder if people would be creeped out if they knew I prayed to God for their well-being.

—my boy Hamdi

Forgiveness is..

looking at a persons actions through the eyes of an adult, not a hurt child.